This wonderfully interactive and participatory course is suitable for teachers and educational assistants working with the Early Years and in Primary Schools. It is designed for those who wish to further develop their storytelling skills and/or to increase their use of storytelling within the classroom.

I believe anyone can become a storyteller. The trick is finding YOUR unique style!

Children are the most creative and adaptable human beings on earth. They explore the world and themselves through stories and fantasies. This course explores how to use this incredible ‘free’ resource to create a meaningful and enjoyable learning experience for children. We discuss how storytelling can be used not only to enhance the creative curriculum but as a tool for cross-curricular teaching.

The course aims to cover three main areas:

PART 1: Storytelling, Literacy and Learning.  – The importance of story. How to use storytelling to develop a greater interest in literature! How storytelling helps with learning! Examples where storytelling in schools is changing things for the better!

PART 2: The Art of Storytelling – How to find stories! How to create stories! How to ensure that your storytelling is fulfilling your objectives! How to tell stories with children of varying abilities

PART 3: Practicalities of Storytelling – How to use voice, physicality and expression! How to engage with your audience! How to encourage participation! What is YOUR style?

The benefits of integrating Storytelling into your scheme of work.

–       Enhancing a love of story and ultimately of literature

–       Building speaking and listening skills

–       Developing reading and writing through storytelling 

–       Ensuring that even the quietest children are involved 

For further information and pricing, please contact maramenzies@gmail.com or call +44 (0) 7828 900 502

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